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Issue ID# 1813 CONFIRMING Linksys E2500 random reboots on Shibby v128
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2015/05/18 02:28:43 CEST
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Description: I'm confirming daily random reboots [or connection dropouts] with Shibby v128 on Linksys E2500 router (only tried V1 model). The reboots are random, and occur any time in a 12-24 hour time frame.

So far, it has been a daily occurrence since flashing the 128 build.

I have not been able to pinpoint the culprit - I'm using the E2500 as a lightweight access point with dual band enabled and some port forwarding set up for applications.

The reboots are 100% random, and tend to occur 1-2 times per day (in a 24 hour period)...