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Issue ID# 1833 E2500 v1.0 random reboots
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2015/06/16 04:53:46 CEST
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Description: This is probably a duplicate of bug 1813, but I'd like to add some more info, and can't figure out how to comment on a bug.

I've seen random reboots on my E2500-AU v1.0 (Broadcom BCM5357 chip rev 2 pkg 8) and they have occurred 1-3 times per evening/night. They have occurred with builds 110 and 128.

Dual band is enabled and using WPA2/AES.

Subjectively, the reboots started to occur when I bought a Samsung GS4 (i9505), and got a lot worse when we got a second Samsung GS4 (also i9505). Apart from a thinkpad SL410 these were our first 5 GHz capable devices. I'm not sure whether the thinkpad normally connected to the 5GHz channel.

Turning off wifi on the phones led to 48 hours uptime before we turned on the phones again, after which it took ca 12 hours before the router rebooted.

I've since turned off 5 GHz on the router and have switched from AES to TKIP, and so far have 52 hours of uptime and counting.

See, which is a write up of my issues, for a bit more information. seems to indicate an issue in v1 of the linksys firmware.