All versions:
– Allow to enable/disable APCUPSD daemon (disabled by default)
– Updated mymotd script
– kernel: (backport) fix reuse-after-free in DCCP
– Collection of patches from M_ars to hopefully correct IPTraffic/Bandwidth monitor
– Add -N flag to httpd (always send no-cache)
– Allow to change listen interface for MiniDLNA
– Add support for user-defined interfaces for Samba
– libcurl: Add CA bundle support but only for AIO targets
– AdBlock: improvements
– samba, CVE-2015-5252; Subject: Insufficient symlink verification in smbd
– samba, CVE-2012-0870; Subject: Remote code execution vulnerability in smbd
– samba, Patch – Denial of service – CPU loop and memory allocation
– Fix lack of BWM stats for WAN when using PPPoE
– Fix some display issues in wireless rates
– Add generation/use of ECDSA keys for SSH/Dropbear
– Fix VLAN resetting to default
– dropbear: disable MD5 support, for security reasons
– Make bandwidth limiter work with IPv6
– Fix /etc/shadow file. Fix authentication issue for CUPS
– use macvendors.com for OUI lookup
– nginx: updated to 1.10.3
– nano: Updated to 2.8.0
– sqlite: Updated to 3.18.0
– tinc: update to 1.1pre14
– OpenVPN: updated to 2.4.1
– OpenVPN: upgrade bundled LZ4 library to 1.7.5
– dnsmasq: Many changes ported from upstream up to March 17th, 2017
– libsodium: Updated to 1.0.12
– xl2tpd: Updated to 1.3.9
– tor: Updated to
– libcurl: Updated to 7.53.1
– e2fsprogs: Updated to 1.43.4
– libiconv: Updated to 1.15
– libjson-c: Updated to 0.12.1
– zlib: Updated to 1.2.11
– sqlite: Updated to 3.17.0
– usb_modeswitch: updated to 2.50 and data package to 20170205 (2017-02-05)
– pcre: updated to 8.40
– dnscrypt: updated to 1.9.4
– openssl: Updated to 1.0.2k
– gmp: updated to 6.1.2
– nettle: updated to 3.3
– busybox: update to 1.25.1
– libnfsidmap: updated to 0.26
– minidlna: Updated to 1.1.6

ARM only:
– Add support of Asus RT-AC56S (Single-core clone of RT-AC56U)
– R1D: Turn off USB 3.0 option
– stealthMode and optware no longer to be installed
– ipset: Updated to 6.32
– Use kernel ext4 driver for all ext2/3/4 filesystems
– Fix several ARM nvram utility bugs
– kernel-arm: Patched all 2.6.36 kernel against CVE-2016-5195
– kernel-arm: Disable router anycast address for /127 and /128 prefixes



All versions:
– busybox: update to 1.25.0
– busybox: wget – add TLS SNI support via openssl s_client – Jeremy Chadwick
– Miniupnpd: update to 2.0
– NTFS-3G driver update to 2016.2.22
– OpenSSL: updated to 1.0.2h
– OpenSSL: add s_client to mipsel`s images
– dropbear: updated to 2016.74 – AndreDVJ
– dropbear: fixes and improvements -AndreDVJ
– dropbear: fix some PATH
– libcurl: updated to 7.49.1 – AndreDVJ
– libsodium: updated to 1.0.10 – AndreDVJ
– igmpproxy: latest patches as of April 27th. 2016 – AndreDVJ
– libncurses: updated to 6.0 – AndreDVJ
– libnfsidmap: updated to 0.25 – AndreDVJ
– spawn-fcgi: updated to 1.6.4 – AndreDVJ & Shibby
– dnsmasq: updated to 2.76 – AndreDVJ & Shibby
– nano: updated to 2.6.1 – AndreDVJ
– libusb10: updated to 1.0.9 – AndreDVJ
– libevent: updated to 2.0.22 – AndreDVJ
– dnscrypt: updated to 1.6.1 – AndreDVJ
– gmp: updated to 6.1.0 – AndreDVJ
– nettle: updated to 3.2 – AndreDVJ
– MWAN: write failover state to /tmp/wan.failover file
– MWAN: be sure we use correct dns servers for failover when primary wan failed
– DDNS: allow select WANs for DDNS services
– 4G: better Signal Strength detection
– Switch entware (obsolete) to entware-ng
– Revert „Asus RT-N16: fix vlan order” – tvlz
– VLAN GUI: updates – tvlz
– IPv6:Fix „ipv6_prefix_length” range checking – tvlz
– rc/qoc.c: some fixes – tvlz
– Fix for ipv6 6rd – Magister
– IPv6: Fix TCP MSS Clamping, move to mangle table – tvlz
– Fix QOS – make QOS work with IPv6 – tvlz
– Allow Incoming IPv6 IPSec by default – tvlz
– Fix renewal of IA NA – tvlz
– EHCI: fix direction handling for interrupt data toggles – Alan Stern

ARM only
– Add support for Netgear R6400
– Add exFAT support – oneleft & Shibby
– Kernel: updates for tcp_cubic – AndreDVJ
– Updated e2fsprogs to 1.43 – AndreDVJ
– Use kernel ext4 driver for all ext2/3/4 filesystems – nikk gitanes & AndreDVJ
– R1D: support updates – nikk gitanes & AndreDVJ
– Updated wireless settings for R6250/R6300v2/R7000 – AndreDVJ
– Driver: update Linux Broadcom BCM47XX 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Controller – AndreDVJ
– Added Linksys EA6900 gpio addresses, and updated Huawei WS880 gpio address for USB2 LED – AndreDVJ



All versions:
– use dedicated MAC address for WAN1 interface
– GUI: fix static routing table for MultiWAN feature
– usb_modeswitch ver. 2.4.0 with data package 2016-06-12
– openvpn: update to 2.3.11
– dnsmasq/adblock: add option Debug Mode
– dnsmasq: remove parameter „cache-size” from config file
– Adblock feature
– busybox: enable ntpd
– fix „The field 'wl_radio’ is invalid – thx @Yunchen Sun
– better 4G modem connection detect
– VPN: allow to disable „nobind” option for VPN Client configuration

– use mkfs and fsck tools from e2fsprogs instead busybox applets (support ext4)
– modified linkagg script



All versions:
– Mutliwan: fixes fixes fixes
– Mutliwan: included to all routers with nvram 60KB or 64KB
– Multiwan: add watchdog for mwanroute process
– GUI: fix static routing table for MultiWAN feature
– GUI: advanced-vlan.asp updates – thx @tvlz
– QOS: at least it works for 1 WAN
– fix VLAN/VID Override
– mymotd: add support for Multiwan and Tri-band routers
– rc: fix segmentation fault of mwanroute process if only dualwan is build-in
– rc: do not clear gateway if wan is set as static

– Asus RT-N16: fix vlan order
– GUI: Use newer VLAN order type only for MIPS R2 routers.
– linux: Add CONNTRACK. It is required by multiwan feature.
– rc: add missing multiwan code

– Change wireless settings for R7000/R6300v2/R6250


All versions:
– MultiWAN: improvements and lot of fixes – thx @tsynik
– MultiWAN: allow users to define Watchdog Mode for each WAN(s)
– switch4g: remove lock file if process does not exist
– watchdog: better ping detection
– wanuptime – now it works correct – thx @tsynik
– GUI – fix Check Method field
– add dedicated image for WNR3500L(v1) – all others images are too big right now

– fix MARK module

– Disable GRO Control for now


All versions:
– OpenSSL 1.0.2g
– Transmission 2.92
– watchdog: fix restart wan service when only 1 wan is set
– A lot of fixes and improvements for MultiWAN feature – thx @tsynik
– Fix file permissions being set to 0644 under /dev/ instead of 0666 after hotplug start – thx @edrikk
– GUI – VLAN: Use the Router Model name to setup the Vlan Port order – thx @Tvlz
– GUI – Basic: Fix dnscrypt-proxy settings
– GUI – Basic: add „ping” method to check WAN(s) connection

– iptables: web module missing
– QoS: few fixes – thx @Tvlz and @Kyle Sanderson

– Add support for R8000 (fix wireless performance and stability)
– Fix RT-AC3200 suport (broken in v133)
– Few fixes in blink and blink_5g functions – thx @Josh Allard
– Fix MARK module (BW Limiter, QoS and OVPN Routing policy should now works correct)



Attention: You have to erase nvram after upgrade!!

All versions:
– MultiWAN feature – written by @Arctic (zengchen228), modified by @Shibby
– TOR: allow users to define TCP ports to redirect
– 4G/LTE: fix PIN support
– OpenSSL: updated to 1.0.2f
– Dropbear: updated to 2015.71
– TOR: updated to
– Dnscrypt-proxy: updated to 1.6.0
– Libsodium: updated to 1.0.8
– Openvpn: updated to 2.3.10
– Usb_modeswitch ver. 2.3.0 with data package 2016-01-12
– Miniupnpd: updated to 1.9 (20160113)

– R7000 WLAN LED support
– R7000 USB LED support


All versions:
– 4G: add support for QMI modems (E398, MF821) – thx @Othmar
– 4G: add uqmi tool with all depends
– 4G: add watchdog and a lot of improvements
– kernel: cdc-wdm module update
– kernel: huawei_ether: write connection status info to log
– p910nd: update to 0.97
– usb_modeswitch: ver 2.2.5 with data package 2015-06-27
– minidlna: Fixes for DSD support (dsf, dff) music files – thx @Takeshich
– minidlna: update to 1.1.5
– openssl: update to 1.0.2d
– dropbear: update to 2015.67

– Add Buffalo WZR-1750DHP support (not fully finished)
– Make an image for RT-N18U without SMP (NOSMP) – fixed CPU load but older wl/et/cft modules and Paragon NTFS driver instead of Tuxera.
– add missing IPSEC modules
– FIXED issue #8 – Router mode issue
– FIXED issue #7 – ARM does not sync time after boot – switch from Asus`s ntpclient to Mipsel`s ntpc

– clean-up 4G/LTE modules, add missing modules to K26RT-AC
– fixed OpenVPN Routing Policy: load correct modules of IPSet


All versions
– lot of improvements in 4G/LTE support
* support huawei_ether module
* support E3372 non-Hilink
* fixed non-Hilink support
– OpenSSL: update to 1.0.2c
– dnsmasq: update to 2.73 (23.06.2015)
– OpenVPN: update to 2.3.7
– vsftpdL update to 3.0.3 – thx @tomatosoup
– lzo: update to 2.09
– OpenVPN: add „Ignore Redirect Gateway (route-nopull)” to mipsel builds
– Fix for Asus RT-10P & E2500 model name – thx @tvlz
– Re-enable IPv6 Debug Logging by setting debug_ipv6=1 in nvram – thx @tvlz
– add DNSSEC, NANO and TINC features to Mega-VPN buildtype
– few IPv6 Fixes – thx @tvlz
– VLAN/VID mapping patch for K26RT-AC branch
– MiniDLNA: Add support for DSD (dsf, dff) music files
– TOR: fix startup script

K26ARM only
– Add Xiaomi R1D support – thx @Nikk Gatanes – untested
– Add support for the Netgear R6300v2 (CH/Charter version)
– few ARM Qos Fixes – thx @tvlz


All versions
– Kernel: backport cdc_ether module from Oleg (exclude ARM)
– QOS: Update Default Rules – thx @Toastman and tvlz
– Add libcurl to PHP. Add curl binary to image (AIO only)
– Miniupnpd: update to 1.9 (20150430)
– Alters the behavior of the 'Create NAT on tunnel’ to also add the appropriate NAT for the other bridges/lans – thx @rriley
– switch4g: completely re-writen
– busybox: update to 1.23.2
– tor: update to

– many kernel fixes – thx @edrikk
– fix Layer 7 support – thx @ksanderson
– many GUI fixes – thx @edrikk
– fix long boot issue – thx @nikk gitanes
– OpenSSL: update to 1.0.2a
– mssl updates – thx @RMerlin
– Add Codel support – thx @ksanderson
– Sync Netfilter modules with fixes from Kernel 4.0 – thx @ksanderson
– fix/add QoS inbound support / Add support for IFB instead of IMQ – thx @ksanderson
– add CPU Temperature on Overview Page
– Kernel: upgrade 4G module from kernel 3.18
– Enable TCP Vegas – thx @Josh Allard
– RT-N18U: Use the same image for all Asus`s routers (newer wl driver, add tuxera driver)
– httpd: fix doulbe entries on „Wake On LAN” page

– include all changes from v129


All versions:
– All images are now compressed to ZIP file.
– OpenVPN: Routing policy integration and GUI
– GUI: OpenVPN – add „Ignore Redirect Gateway (route-nopull)”
– GUI: Bittorrent – allow set download and upload speed to 0
– GUI: Allow users to decide which NTFS driver they want to use: Tuxera (AC56, AC68) or Paragon (N18, Netgears) or NTFS-3G (all routers)
– GUI: Fix OpenVPN TAP server – Server won`t start when TAP has been bridged with br1/2/3 and „Client address pool” has been set manually (not from DHCP)
– Add /mmc directory to „root” tree – required by Tomatoware project
– NTFS-3G driver update to 2015.3.14
– OpenVPN: remove „enable-small” parameter. This is required by some VPN providers.

– GUI: fix Backip and Restore Comfiguration from file
– IPset
* update to 6.24 – attention! This version has different kernel modules and different syntax of command. If you are using IPSet, you have to fix your scripts.
* backport ipset kernel modules from Kernel 3.0
* add library libmnl – required by newer ipset
* fixed support IPSet with Dnsmasq
– add Entware install script for ARM – just run command entware-install.sh
– compile fat/vfat as module
– add Tuxera NTFS driver for AC56/68 routers
– GUI: add Wireless Temperature on Status page – thx Hyzzom (BWQ)
– lot of fixed and improvements in compilation proces – thx @edrikk
– fix TOR compilation
* update to v0.2.5.12
* enable threads support for openssl and tor
* change gcc optimization level from Os to O2 – thx RMerlin
* enable TOR feature in all AIO builds
– Updated Blink Function – thx @chazikai24
– add ASUS RT-AC68P support the same image as for AC68U/R – thx @tvlz
– add Linksys EA6500v2 and EA6700 support – thx @Yongqiang Qin
– fix WS880 leds – thx @xvortex


All versions:
– include all changes from v125 to Mipsel`s branches
– remove HTTPS from MiniIPv6 build – make it smaller
– OpenSSL: update to 1.0.1m
– Add Nano tool – user-friendly text editor – build-in AIO
– mySQL integration and GUI – thx @Hyzoom (bwq518) – build-in AIO
– bridge-utils update to 1.5
– openvpn: fix crash on NULL cipher – thx @RMerlin
– usb_modeswitch: ver. 2.2.1 with data package 2015-01-15

– Add new Netgear and Tenda router support -WNDR3400v1/v2, WNDR3700v3, WNDR4000, WNDR4500v1/v2, R6300v1, Tenda N80 – untested – thx @Hyzoom (bwq518)

– fix R6300v2’s vlan
– fix reset button function (push ~5 secs or more to restore default configuration)
– enable reset button for R7000 (R6250/R6300v2) – works only from Tomato, not from CFE


All versions:
– Bittorrent: Add „Custom Log File Path” to GUI
– IPv6: Allow request /64 subnet for LAN1/2/3 if prefix lenght is lower than 64 – thx @tvlz

– Fix Bandwidth Monitor for ARM – thx @Fab Five Freddy
– ebtables:
* backport ebtables kernel modules from linux- sources
* ebtables update to v2.0.10-4
* fix ebtables – now it works on ARM
– iproute2 update to 3.19.0 (from iproute2-ss111010 to iproute2-ss150210)
– bridge-utils update to 1.5
– Disable second *FAKE* LAN interface for Netgear`s routers – thx @tvlz
* Fix ping issue on Netgear`s routers
* Fix Ethernet Ports State on Netgear`s routers
– fix up R7000 WiFi leds
– fix up R6300v2 wlan/wan/usb leds – thx @chazikai24
– fix BW Limiter page – broken in v126


All versions:
– GUI: Checkox to allow/deny login as „root” to GUI
– BWLimiter: Add Priority option for Default class of br0
– Allow to change username from GUI – partially taken from @Victek`s Github
– ipv6: Other ISP Configuration buton – partially taken from @Victek`s Github

– Netgear R6250 and R6300v2 are now supported (installation process is the same as on R7000 – initial image first) – thx to @qin and @chazikai24
– RAID module and mdadm tool (added to AIO and extras)
– Include NFS server feature to AIO builds


All versions:
– 4G/LTE modem support and integration with GUI (tested on E3276 and E3372)
– Miniupnpd: update from 1.8 (20140422) to 1.9 (20141209)
– MiniDLNA: update from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4
– OpenSSL: update from 1.0.1j to 1.0.1l
– Grow up limit on IPv4 & IPv6 port forwarding rules creation from 50 to 100 entries.
– webmon_bkp: restart firewall service after clean webmon chain to reload webmon iptables rule
– forward-upnp – allow to run upnpd service without selected any of bridge. Reguired custom configuration!
– tinc: update to 1.1pre11 – thx @lancethepants
– tinc: Update gui and backend for tinc1.1pre11 – thx @lancethepants
– miniupnpd rc: move custom configuration before „allow” statements
– Allowed the IPv6 Forwarding page to allow more fancy subnets & rules – thm @Dupondje
– dnsmasq 2.72+ up to December 9 2014 – thx @toastman
– Enable hash extension in PHP
– RSA 2048 bit keylength, SHA2 public certificate – thx @microalps
– OpenSSL: Removed support for SSLv2 and SSLv3 protocols – thx @microalps
– IPv6: Allow request /64 subnet for LAN1/2/3 if prefix lenght is lower than 64 – thx @tvlz

– remove SNMP and PPTP support for DIR868L – saving nvram space
– Huawei WS880 support – thx @xvortex
– BCM: wl/et drivers update with tools – thx @RMerlin
– Add many kernel modules of audio and camera devices to extras
– fix SNMP compilation / add SNMP to all ARM builds
– Partial support of R6250/R6300v2 – not finished! Info only for devs.
– JFFS – expand size from 32MB to 64MB
– XHCI – Backported XHCI code from Netgear, which seems to be a backport from a newer 3.x Linux kernel – thx @RMerlin


[RELEASE] 124 (refreshed)
All versions:
– Compile v124 for MIPSEL`s routers
– OpenVPN: update to 2.3.6
– PHP: enable exif

– Compile Mega-VPN instead AIO for E2500v2/E3200


All versions:
– OpenSSL: update to 1.0.1j
– LZO: update from 2.06 to 2.08
– OpenVPN: update to 2.3.5
– OpenVPN GUI: Selectable LAN interface to bridge with TAP

– Minor multiLAN bugfixes
– MultiSSID: fix web UI errors with dual-radios
– Dlink DIR868L support
– Fix IPTraffic support


– fix AC mode (80MHz channel width)


K26 and K26RT-N
– add TINX feature to all AIO builds


All versions:
– dnscrypt-proxy update: 1.4.1
– libsodium update: 1.0.0
– more advanced Nginx settings in GUI
– add libjpeg, add jpeg support for php
– MiniUpnp – Add „friendly name” – thx @tvlz
– Minidlna – Fixes file streaming for some devices – thx @CBGoodBuddy and @tvlz
– Fix invalid wl_mitigation mode – thx @tvlz

– new sierra and sierra_net module, add sierra_net module to image
– fix optware-install script for ARM

– Linksys E2500v3 suport – thx @tvlz
– make mini/miniipv6 images smaller for Linksys E-series routers – thx @tvlz

– support 802.11AC in web settings – once again

All Mipsel`s version
– include all changes from v122


All version:
– openssl update to 1.0.1i
– libsodium update to 0.7.0
– grow-up „Remote Host /IP” field on admin-log.asp page
– allow to change directory with GUI`s files (only for devs and advanced users)
– tinc: integration and gui. Thx @lancethepants
– nginx: add new option „Run As” (root or nobody)
– add a lot of PHP modules required by ownCloud
– add libpng 1.2.51
– add libxml2 2.9.1
– SQLite update 3.8.6
– libiconv update 1.14
– allow run spawn-fcgi as root
– nginx: fix php support for ownCloud

– fix display CPU Freq on status page. Detect core numbers.
– disable TOR from ARM builds for now. Got Segmentation fault
– fixed CPU support for RT-N18U
– use different wl, ctf, paragon drivers for RT-N18U (dedicated)
– optware: add Shibby`s packages repository to install script for ARM


All version:
– add web module for ip6tables (fixed problem with access restriction)
– libcurl update to 7.37
– transmission upgrade to 2.84

K26RT-N and/or K26RT-AC
– fix VLAN order for RT-N66U – thx @tvlz
– fix VLAN/VID mapping
– fix support of Tenda N60 – please read INSTALATION-N60.txt first!

– fix 3G modem support for ARM
– add RT-N18U suport
– ET driver upgrade – may fix high ping issue
– fix QoS for ARM
– fix Webmon for ARM
– add GRO CONTROL (should stabilize and speed-up dl/ul speed from Samba) – thx RMerlin


All version:
– openssl update to 1.0.1h
– grow up 6rd-prefix range
– transmission update to 2.83
– dnscrypt: add user selectable/manual proxy input – thx lancethepants
– fix advanced dns/dhcp page
– dnscrypt-proxy update to 1.4.0
– dnsmasq update to 2.71

K26ARM only
– openssl – add options: version, speed and s_client
– add DNSSEC to VPN and AIO builds


All version:
– DDNS – new services: ovh and changeip
– ovpn client gui: allow to set ip/mask on TAP/TLS
– zlib update to 1.2.8
– Add Web server: php/pcre/nginx/spawn-fcgi – thx Victek – AIO builds only
– openvpn update to 2.3.4
– minidlna – 1.1.2
– miniupnpd – 1.8 (20140422)
– dnsmasq: update to 2.70
– Comcast Fixes: DSCP and buffer overflow with GUI – thx lancethepants
– dropbear: fix some PATH
– DNSSEC with GUI – thx lancethepants – AIO builds only
– dnscrypt: Add dns priority option – thx lancethepants and Victek
– ethstate: fix when we have network aliases of WAN interface
– Access Restriction: return to old „web module” style. „String” module is still in image, advanced users can use it in own iptables rules,
– libsodium: Update to version 0.5.0

ARM only
– new wl driver (r456083)
– kernel update – thx RMerlin
– wl blob update
– add some 3G LTE modules (like cdc) – thx RMerlin


– Update openssl to version 1.0.1g to fix the problem with heartbleed
* Only RT and RT-N-AC
– Fixed a bug with the number of available guest networks (connection with encryption)



* K26RT-AC only
–  Show correct size of NAND flash in GUI

* K26RT-N only

– Broadcom Wireless update to version

– Bcmcrypto and bcm57xx update (same as in K26RT-AC)

– New router support: Tenda N6 and N60 (not tested but should works, feedback welcome)

* All builds

– Remove SNMP from all builds except AIO and Mega-VPN

– Include Entware install script to all USB builds. (just run command entware-install.sh)

– TomatoAnon: lot of changes:

— update databate only once per week
— check new tomato version once per day (only for shibby mod)
— fix „undefinded” tomato version on Status page

– Miniupnpd: update to 1.8 (20131216)

– Udpxy: update to version 1.0.23-9-prod

– TOR: update to version

– Minidlna: update to 1.1.1 (log is now is seperated file /var/log/minidlna.log)

– Libcurl: update to 7.34.0

– Dropbear: update to 2013.62

– Dnscrypt-proxy: update to 1.3.4

– Tools: allow ping/trace to url’s containing hyphens (thx Toastman)

– Dnsmasq: update to v2.69test3 (thx Kevin)

!! Attention: Builds BT-VPN and TOR-VPN are now too big for WNR3500Lv1 and all routers supported by K26RT-N with 8MB flash (like RT-N10U).



* K26RT-AC only

– Fix weird mac behaviour when openvpn tap is enabled

– Support JFFS for RT-AC66U (limited to 32MB)

– Paragon NTFS driver for Asus RT-N66U and RT-AC66U

* all branches

– Add Openvpn username/password auth – thx rainlake

– Dnsmasq 2.67 final – thx Kevin

– Fix dhcpv4 logging – was always in quiet mode – thx Kevin

– Dnscrypt-proxy: upgrade to 1.3.3

– libsodium: upgrade from 0.4.1 to 0.4.5



– Compile bcm_nat as module (more info)

– New routers supported – BIG THANKS FOR @tvlz (more info)

– Revert „rp-pppoe: added version 3.11”. Back to version 3.10. This should fix some problems with disconnecting PPPoE WAN.

– dnsmasq: update to Simon version 2.67rc4

– Transmission: update to 2.82

– Release new build for Asus RT-N66U using SDK6 (RT-AC branch). Checkout K26RT-AC directory in download section)

– Update/add new 3G modem modules (more info)

– Add comgt tool and gcom scripts. Add Strength Signal info in syslog

– Fix one bug in ethstate script

– usb_modeswitch: ver. 2.0.1 with data package 2013-08-07

– Access Restriction: delete a rule don’t work using Chrome/Firefox (known) browser.

– Rewised WL driver for RT-AC branch. Version Jul 31 2013 18:46:03 version (r366174)

– Import asuswrt kernel to K26RT-AC branch – for devs info

– Allow coexistance of N build and AC build. Branch tomato-shibby-RT-N will not be continue. Please use RT-AC bracnh- for devs info.



– WAN DHCP in K24 problem was fixed

– add „string” module for ip6tables

– enable lib optimalization for all builds (make images smaller)

– removed command „version, speed, s_client) from openssl (make images smaller)



– Some fixes in NETFILTER – thx Victek

– VLAN: Correct ID for RT-N66 allowing VLAN and tagged network – thx Victek

– Add support for newer flash chips in latest RT-N66U hardware revision – thx RMerlin and Victek

– All K26 and K26RT-N builds are compiled using new/fixed toolchain

– ACCESS RESTRICTION: use string module instead web module (https is blocked now – facebook for example)

– pairNIC DDNS service – thx Andy

– Stealthmode and mymotd – some improvements – thx Monter

– Busybox 1.21.1 update

– Add optware-install.h script to Tomato – just mount drive to /opt directory and run „optware-install.sh”. That`a all.

– Transmission: update to 2.81

– RT-AC66u – Enable 5GHz radio (b/g/n max 450Mbps only at the moment)



– Add „BT” target

– Remove Ebtables from mini builds (make they smaller)

– usb_modeswitch: ver. 1.2.6 with data package 2013-06-07

– Tomato Update Notification System

– miniDLNA update to 1.0.26

– Miniupnpd update to 1.8 (20130521)

– Add codes to support HG320, H218N and RG200E-CA – thx BWQ

– basic-network – add ttyUSB devices to 6

– stealthmode – some improvements

– Change characters limit for snmp fields

– OpenVPN update to 2.3.2

– dnsmasq update to 2.67cs7 – thx Kevin

– many cstats updates – thx RMerlin and Kevin

– a lot of updates and improvements of IPv6 – thx Kevin

– Expose PPPoe variables – thx Kevin

– add netfilter xt_string support

– DNScrypt-proxy: update to 1.3.0

– DNScrypt-proxy: add custom startup option in GUI

– many iptraffic updates – thx RMerlin

– RSA keylength to 1024 for router cert

– Grow-up cookies expire time – thx blackwind



– Webmon Backup Script – look Administration -> Logging

– Busybox: Fix tune2fs and revert e2label tool

– EtherState: cosmetics changes – looks better

– Ethernet State: fix when WAN is tagged – thx @Victek

– Allow WNR3500Lv2 to upgrade from Web interface

– Openssl: enable s_client

– rp-pppoe: upgrade to 3.11

– Dnsmasq upgrade to 2.67test3 – thx @Kevin

– Added refresh timer to tools/system page – thx @Toastman

– Add Time 0:01 and 23:59 to Scheduler

– Backported new exportfs method (365-exportfs1 patch from WL500g) – thx @RMerlin

– Extended MOTD with GUI – written by @Monter, modified by @Shibby – can be disabled in GUI Administration -> Admin Access -> SSH

– IPTraffic bugfix – thx @RMerlin

– StealthMode v0.5 – Sunset – thx @Monter – please run stealthMode via SSH/telnet for more information

– Fix for dhcpv6 with prefix delegation – thx @Toastman

– Remove radvd & libdaemon, use dnsmasq for IPv6 RA instead – thx @Kevin

– Added ipset support – thx @RMerlin

– Implement multithreaded kernel building to speed up firmware compile time – thx @RMerlin

– Do not write out 'no-dhcp-interface’ in dnsmasq.conf as is superfluousas no dhcp-range has been set – thx @Kevin



– Fix vsftpd rights

– Fix upnp GUI

– Miniupnpd: fix permissions to use dotted mask. Return to dotted mask in config file.

– Further optimize lzo compilation to help OpenVPN performance and This optimization gives us a 10% speed gain (thx RMerlin)

– Miniupnpd: add custom configuration textarea to GUI

– Fix reboot/logout/shutdown buttons from nas-ups page.

– Make some images smaller

– Add ebtables to all mini K26 builds.

– HTTPS remote access should now works on builds without VPN included (libssl problem)

– Fix default vlans for RG200E-CA



– Preliminary ChinaNet RG200E-CA support (RT-N branch, only for routers with changed CFE)

– StealthMode v0.3 (fixed turn on/off leds on RT-N16, add „leds guardian” to cru) (thx Monter)

– Gives another nice performance boost, for less than 100KB tradeoff after LZMA compression ( thx RMerlin)

– Ntfs-3g release 2013.1.13

– Increase TC_HTB_NUMPRIO to 10 (thx Toastman)

– Improvement in the appearance of the qos-classify ( thx Monter)

– Preliminary FiberHome HG320 ID/support (RT-N branch)

– Preliminary Catchtech CW-5358U ID/support ( RT-N branch)

– Add new miniVPN buildtype for router with 4MB flash

– Dnsmasq: update to 2.66TEST16 ( thx Kevin)

– Make remote HTTPS more secure ( use RSA 2048 key, use router name as CN)

– Miniupnpd: fix SIGUSR2 problem
* fix showing opened ports in GUI
* lanmask has to be present as bits

– Transmission: update to 2.77

– Busybox: revert dhcpc from BB 1.18.4 for now
* Works release/renew
* Remaining Lease Time is showing correct

– TTB: we need unzip tool

– Fix for excessive VPN logging „vpn server already running”

– 3G Modem: fix switch3g script

– Ethernet State: cosmetics changes



– Busybox: full update to 1.20.2

– Miniupnpd: update to 1.8 (20130207)

– Stealthmode scripts for RT-N16 and RT-N66u only. Usage: /usr/sbin/stealthMode on|off

– Grow up static dhcp entries from 140 to 250

– Libevent: update to 2.0.21

– robocfg update for new Ethernet ports state feature

– Ethernet State Report with GUI

– Fix OpenVPN depends in K24 builds

– Robocfg is not perfect and it`s not fully support all routers with Tomato. On some gigabits routers, 1Gbit connections can be displayed as 10M. It`s a robocfg fault. You can disable speed info from GUI.
– if ethernet ports are displayed in wrong order, you can enable „invert ports order” options.
– if some of you don`t like Ethernet ports state, you can disable this feature in GUI.



– Add TC-ATM overhead calculation for DSL – thx Tvlz

– Revised QOS classification rules – thx Toastman

– new L7 filter pattern for youtube – – thx Porter

– Switchable QOS Pie Chart – thx Dinnn

– OpenSSL update to 1.0.1c and:
* enable OpenSSL assembler acceleration
* enable 2 new openssl commands: version and speed

– OpenVPN update to 2.3.0 (ipv6 support)

– LZO update to 2.0.6

– Transmission: update to 2.76

– Re-enable TCP Vegas settings

– Add IMQ based QOS ingress, incoming bandwidth pie chart – thx Tiomo

– Column sorting fixes – thx Tony550

– Add previous WAN IP to status overview – thx Victek

– Correcting grammar errors – Big thanks for GhaladReam

– Fix VLAN mapping ports for RT-N10U

– Make some build smaller

– TomatoAnon: generate a random clock (minutes) for interval update.

– TTB: project integration and GUI

– Fix long boot time on Asus RT-N16

– xl2tpd: update to 1.3.1 + patches. Fix L2TP connections. Tested on Beeline-Russia by user @DollaR

– Allow to redirect remote access ports (SSH & HTTP(s) ) to router if DMZ is enabled. Checkout new option in forward-dmz page.

– TOR: update to 2.3.25


– Revised/recompiled BCM driver K26RT-N backported from Asus GPL

– Support 2nd radio (5GHz) using wl_high module for router Asus RT-N53, Linksys E2500 and E3200

– VLAN mapping for Asus RT-N53

– include TomatoAnon project (disabled by default)

– revert (fully integrade tomato-RT branch with my branch (lot of teddy`s updates from april to august 2011) and add only some of commits like

* rc: fix for E4200 mac address

* BCM SDK: dirty dd-wrt fix for Belkin f7d4302 5GHz radio

* USB: LED driver: support multiple devices

* Build: fpkg: fix creating Belkin images



– Add fully support for 3G modem ZTE MF195 (ttyACM0 device)

– Transmission: update to 2.71

– Remove limitation about 22 bits netmask

– SD card support only for RT-N66u (save space)

– Add support for Asus WL-330gE

– Add support for Huawei E3131s-2 (module and usb_modeswitch data only)

– Remove some extra themes from TOR-VPN builds (save space, image was too big for Netgear 3500L v1)

– Compile/include mdadm tool only if RAID is set (save space)

– Fix a bug in the Asus/Linksys Red Themes

– NTFS-3G update fo 2012.1.15

– fully integrade tomato-RT branch with my branch (lot of teddy`s updates from april to august 2011



– IPv6 suppord fixed (sit.ko module depends)

– Transmission fixed (libiconv depends issue)

– RAID 0/1 support. Modules and mdadm tool available in extras. Mega-VPN and AIO have RAID modules and tool build-in

– radvd update to 1.9.1 + libdaemon

– Memory leak fixed (when IPv6 is enabled)

– L2TP WAN connection fixed

– VLAN mapping for Belkin routers

– miniDLNA update to 1.0.25

– AsusRed and LinksysRed themes bu @Nitro 2nd edition

– Linksys E2500 Power LED fixed

– Images for Belkin routers (K26)



– Fix dnscrypt-proxy

– Fix GPT support for hard disks

– IPv6: Proof-of-Concept 6RD support

– Move all IPSec modules to extras/ipsec/ directory

– Two new themes by Nitro



– Fix virtual wireless (MultiSSID)

– Transmission: update to 2.61

– IPP2P: update to 0.99.16

– DNScrypt-proxy: update to 1.0

– DDNS: fix HE.net Tunnel Broker messages

– Add directory /tftpboot to root tree

– Add e2label (TUNE2FS) tool to USBEXTRAS

– Added IPSec support. All needed modules you can find in extras package. Builds Mega-VPN and AIO have build-in all needed modules. Please use strongswan from entware!

– Increase countdown after reboot router

– Add ZTE MF195 3G modem support (ZTE MF192 variant x T-Mobile/EE UK)

– TOR: Grow up data dir field



– Add PPTP VPN client runtime and GUI

– Fix OpenVPN settings page when using username authentication

– Fix overidden mac address not being saved.

– Add configuration options for the WAN ICMP Rate limiting

– Total/Free NVRAM on overview page

– TOR: Integration and GUI

– New „Max” builtype for router with 8MB flash and w/o USB support

– Driver for CH341 USB-serial adapter available in extras

– Transmission: update to 2.60

– Add support for RT-N66 (ONLY) 64K nvram (Upgrading from a 32K nvram firmware will wipeout all your data.)



– fix working PS3 with minidlna

– fix [bwlimit] link on overview-devices page

– fix „ug” bug with running shell scripts on RT-N66u

– remove garbage from Router Name

– enable USB Support by default

– enable SD Card support for RT-N66u by default

– samba security fix – „root” credential remote code execution

– wl_mitigation disabled by default


  • experimental VLAN/VID mapping GUI (allows creating VLANs with 802.1Q tags larger than 15 via GUI)
  • allow DMZ-style forwarding to alternative LAN bridges


  • allow specify 'custom’ config/settings
  • dnsmasq to answer DNS queries on pppX interfaces

– MultiSSID: some minor fixes



– Busybox:

  • add WHOIS tool
  • fix ash repetear bug

– Dropbear: 2012.55 update

– Dnsmasq: 2.61 update

– Captive Portal: lot of fixes and improvements

  • new style of splash.html
  • selectable interface (br0/1/2/3)
  • fixed PATH in shell files (Thx for @baranek from openlinksys.info)
  • some of patched from dd-wrt
  • add to autostart

– Add SNMP configuration options for custom port and remote access

– Remove „CPU % usage” on Status Overview page

– Transmission: update 2.52

– New theme for „Dark Knight” RT-N66U ( by Dark_Shadow)

– Fix menu highlights (Captive Portal and BW Limiter)

– lot of changes in buildtypes (some removed, add new)
 RT-N builds only:

– WL SDK: wl binaries, et/bcm57xx drivers, dnsmq module

– Asus RT-N10U: fix USB led

– Asus RT-N15U: fix USB led

– Support Asus RT-N53 (no 5GHz support, 2,4GHz only)

– WNR3500Lv2 – Fixed display Free NVRAM on Admin->Configuration page (thx @krisan)

– Add new Linksys E-series routers support (thx @tvlz)



– Fix GUI broken in 090 in build without VPN

– Fix PPTP when used over WAN setup using PPPoE

– Transmission: lot of changes in compilation process:

  • update to 2.51
  • remove gettext from depends
  • add libiconv + patches from openwrt
  • revert transmission-remote tool as optional (TR_EXTRAS). Included in Mega-VPN and AIO builds
  • add EVENT_NOEPOLL=1 to startup script
  • result = very stable transmsision and very fast GUI

– BW Limiter: few fixes:

  • fix default class for br3
  • fix default classes (br1\br2\br3) when default class br0 is enabled

– curl update from 7.21.1 to 7.25.0

– libevent update from 2.0.11 to 2.0.18

– OpenSSL update from 1.0.0d to 1.0.1-stable including all teddy`s patches/changes

– 3G Modem: Add ttyUSB1 and ttyUSB3 to modem device list



– added MultiSSID

– added PPTP server

– change blocklist update function to not using transmission-remote nomore

– remove transmission-remote will save lot of space

– remote TR_EXTRAS (transmission-create)

– OpenVPN update to 2.2.2

– BW Limiter: default classes for each LAN (br1/2/3)



– dnscrypt-proxy integration with GUI (basic -> network)

– UDPxy integration with GUI by Teaman (advanced -> firewall)

– qos-graphs fixed

– status-overview fixed (works autorefresh and show buttons)

– increase max of bwlimit entries from 40 to 80

– removed user-define imq settings (advanced -> firewall)

– don`t disable USB 3G box when storage checkbox is not checked

– ups monitor service inprovements

– two new buildtypes (BT and Mega without VPN)

– remove CIFS and JFFS from BT-VPN

– was too big for 8MB routers

– Mega-VPN is now only for router with more than 8MB flash

– add UPS feature to AIO



– fix usb_modeswitch (libusb error). 3G support will works now

– USB Speed improved. Old schema detection enabled

– miniDLNA update from 1.0.22 to 1.0.24

– little cosmetics changes in Overview page.  Able to show/hide each section

– IP Traffic: when/if set to 'disabled’, we 'really’ mean it

– fix VLAN support for WNR3500Lv2 and remove JFFS support for this router

– remove JFFS and SNMP from BT-VPN build. Image was to big for routers with 8MB flash memory

– propably this is the last release of K24



– ip6tables fixed

– „account” and „lan access” error

– fix Toggle Visibility on QoS pages

– fix syslog service when custom path is enabled

– WOL should now works on br1,2,3

– cosmetics changes in status-overview about LAN section

– Transmission update from 2.42 to 2.50



– few changes in compilation of transmission (should be more stable)

– added ratio option 0.0

– Add ZTE MF192 3G modem support

– fix MARK module

– Additional options to syslog (local file)

– route modem IP for „Static” WAN

Attention: Propably build Mega-VPN will be too big for netgear 3500L



– IPTraffic:

  • fix column sorting on ipt-daily.asp, ipt-monthly.asp and ipt-details.asp
  • option to show hostnames and/or IPs on IPTraffic graphics
  • conn/BW ratios graphs

– Added CPU % usage to Status Overview page

– Added „Route Modem IP” option (basic -> network). This option allow access to adsl modem in bridge mode

– Ovislink 1600GL: Turn on/off „Connected” led when WAN connection is up/down

– VLAN-GUI: include E4200 and WHR-G54S port mapping