Netgear WNDR3700 v3:
- Broadcom BCM4716 480MHz
- 64MB RAM Memory
- 8MB Flash
- 5x Gigabit Ethernet
- 1x USB port
- simultaneous dual-band

BE WARNED! This is highly beta tomato version. This image may brick your router. Make sure you have serial cable to debrick router!!

Based on K26RT-v108:
- tomato works and all features works including USB port
- 2.4GHz radio works
- 5GHz radio DOES NOT WORK!
- Buttons should works correct (reset buttons and WPS only)
- some of LEDs may NOT works correct

- run OFW, select upgrade firmware and select this file:–108-VPN.chk

- after few minutes press F5 (refresh) and you should be able to see Tomato GUI
- first of all please ERASE NVRAM!
- Have fun

Return to OFW:
- download OFW avilable here:

- upgrade router via GUI using OFW chk file
- after few minutes look on Power Led – should slowky blink on GREEN color
- re-send OFW chk file only more time via TFTP Client (make sure you have static ip
- after few minutes you should be able to log in to OFW GUI
- If password will be incorect, then just Restore default settings using Reset button.

Best Regards!