I would like to present You a new Project named TomatoAnon.
TomatoAnon script will send anonymous or incompleted information about router`s model and installed tomato version.
Those information will be used ONLY for stats.
Any of private information (like MAC`s, IP`s etc) will NOT be send!
Script is open, writen is bash, well anybody can look what truly is send to database.

Results you can explore on http://tomato.groov.pl/tomatoanon.php page.
Those informations may help you with a choice the best and most popular router in your country.
You can check which tomato version is used by the most people and which one is the most stable.

If you don`t agree to run this script you can simple disable it
Remember, you can enable it any time you want.

Sended information:
– MD5SUM of WAN+LAN MAC addresses – this will identify a router. Ex: 1c1dbd4202d794251ec1acf1211bb2c8
– Model of router. Ex: Asus RT-N66U
– Version of installed tomato. Ex: 102 K26 USB
– Builtype. Ex: Mega-VPN-64K
– Country. Ex: POLAND
– ISO Country code. Ex: PL
– Uptime of your router. Ex: 3 days
That`s all !!

Thank You for read that and please make a right choice.

Best Regards!